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Property owners and operators (tenants) have a duty to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition for visitors and patrons. If they fail to do so and it results in injury to a victim, that victim is entitled to recover for their injuries.

Premises liability cases can arise in numerous contexts, including:

  • Injuries or deaths that occur on another’s property/land due to the owner/operator’s failure to use reasonable safeguards to prevent crimes, i.e. inadequate security at concerts, malls, stores, hotels, and parking lots; not having security guards at store in a high crime area; or not having an entrance gate at an apartment complex in a high crime area

  • Exposure to hazardous or toxic substances on another’s property, such as lead, mold, or carbon monoxide. Property owners have a duty to make sure visitors/patrons are not subjected hazardous or toxic substances from their operation.

  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall cases in retail stores, hospitals, parking lots, or other business establishments

  • Injuries/deaths of children caused as a result of dangerous playgrounds or hidden dangers on another's property, i.e. unmarked water well

Premises liability cases are very hard to prove. That’s why is it critical to have a team of experts on your side to promptly evaluate and begin handling your premises liability case. The experienced and knowledgeable premises liability attorneys at Tayip Law Firm know what to look forward to increase your chances of winning your premises liability case. We will quickly assemble the team of experts necessary to gather the information we need to help analyze and handle your premises liability claim. 

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