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Most families earnestly care for their elders and ailing relatives, but sometimes doing so becomes overwhelming and requires placing your loved one in a nursing home so they can receive the care that they need. It is undeniably and obviously never an easy decision.

When placing your loved in a nursing home, you expect that the nursing home will take care of your loved one with a high standard of care. Unfortunately, that does not always happen and causes injury to your loved one.

There are different types of nursing home abuse.

  • Physical abuse is the most obvious type of nursing home abuse. Because nursing home residents are so dependent on their caregivers, they are especially vulnerable to physical abuse. Physical abuse occurs when abusive employees handle nursing home residents roughly while moving them or striking them for soiling themselves. Physical abuse also includes excessive medication, force-feeding, and excessive use of chemical or physical restraints.

  • Sexual Abuse in nursing homes is very prevalent. Sexual abuse occurs when a nursing home resident is abused by a nursing home staff member, another resident, visitor, stranger, or a family member. Sexual abuse occurs when a resident is forced or tricked into unwanted sexual contact or is subjected to unwanted sexual contact when they are too ill or weak to give consent.

  • Emotional Abuse is all too common in nursing homes. It occurs when a nursing home resident is subjected to threats, verbal degradation, yelling, isolation, sarcastic remarks, or emotional manipulation. Often times, nursing home staff use emotional manipulation to deceitfully influence a resident for their advantage, such as manipulating a resident into overlooking nursing home abuse for fear of not been fed, bathed, or otherwise cared for.

  • Financial Abuse or financial exploitation happens when a caregiver uses their position to exploit an elder’s personal finances. For example, caregivers may use the elder’s money or assets for their personal use, pay the elder’s bill in a tardy manner, forcing the elder’s signature to gain access to money or possession, or trick an elder into signing a contract, will or other legal document.

  • Neglect occurs when a caregiver fails to provide the level of care required of a caregiver. Neglect occurs when a caregiver does not provide adequate food or shelter, does not provide necessary medical care, does not assist with personal hygiene, or does not address and resolve safety, health, and sanitation issues.  

Let our Nashville nursing home abuse attorneys at Tayip Law Firm fight to restore your elder’s dignity. Let our experience, knowledge, and resolve guide your family’s nursing abuse case.

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