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Tractor trailer accidents are also very common accidents. Commercial trucks a major driving force of our economy. They carry the millions of loads of goods that we subsequently purchase at retailers for our consumption. Commercial trucks are on our nation’s interstates, highways, city streets, neighborhood streets, and in our community retail shops.


As a natural result, commercial trucks cause about half a million collisions a year. These collisions are generally with smaller, passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, because commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, any collision with a smaller passenger vehicle can, at minimum, cause very serious injury.


Trucking accidents are usually caused by the truck drivers’ negligence and errors such as:

  • Lacking the required skills to be able to operate large trucks

  • Inadequate safety procedures training

  • Improperly securing loads, overloading trucks, and forgoing required maintenance on trucks,

  • Driver errors: Making sharp turns, running off of the road, speeding, driving while too fatigued, and distractions

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