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Every year, thousands of people become victims of burn injuries as a result of someone’s negligence. Burn injuries are very traumatic psychologically, physically, and monetarily.

Burn injuries occur due to:

  • Apartment Building Fires

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Truck Accidents and Tanker Explosions

  • Electrical Accidents

  • Scalding water and pipes

  • Defective Products

  • Recreational fires at hotels, retail stores, restaurants, nightclub, and other business establishments

  • Closed Fire Exits

There are three types of burn injuries.

  • First-degree burns are thankfully the most common type of burn. These burns are minor with damage only to the top layer of the skin. They result in moderate pain, redness, swelling, and dry skin. First-degree burns usually heal in one to two weeks. However, even minor burns run the risk of serious skin infections.

  • Second-degree burns penetrate both the first and second layer of skin. These burns result in blisters and generally require medical attention. They can take weeks or months to heal.

  • Third-degree burns penetrate all three layers of skin and often times muscles, tendons, bones, and internal organs and cause extensive nerve damage. Third-degree burns can cause life-threatening injuries and require extensive hospital stays and extensive and expensive medical treatment. Third-degree burns frequently require skin graft surgeries. Third-degree burns are very severe and can cause permanent injury, scarring, disfigurement, amputation, or even death. 

Burn injuries can substantially affect a victim’s life. In addition to having to wear a compression garment for about a year and undergoing skin graft surgeries, burn victims have to deal with the psychological and emotional toll of the burns. Most burn victims must undergo counseling to learn how to deal with others constantly staring at their scars, having to deal with a new image, and handling post-traumatic stress disorder issues. 

Burn injuries often diminish a victim’s ability to earn a living and drastically affect their quality of life.

At Tayip Law Firm, our Nashville burn injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help recover for what you have gone through and what you have lost in life. We work with fire experts and product safety experts to determine the cause of the fire. We will demand compensation for all of your past losses and future damages.

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