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Every day, innocent people suffer catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of others. Catastrophic injuries occur due to automobile and trucking accidents, construction accidents, and other types of negligence.


Catastrophic injuries include:

  • Brian and Spinal Injury: Spinal cord injuries can cause extreme physical pain, paralysis, loss of sexual ability, and loss of bodily functions. 

  • Amputation Injury/ Loss of a Limb: Victims who lose an arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, or toe will suffer tremendously, both physically and psychologically.

  • The removal of an internal organ: Often times, someone’s negligence leads to the partial destruction of a victim’s internal organs such as removal of a portion of the bladder or an intestine.

  • Extensive burn injuries: These injuries often times result in permanent scarring and disfigurement and require extensive surgery.

Catastrophic injuries require extensive and expensive medical treatment, substantially disrupt the victim’s life and require a very long recovery time for the victim. Medical treatments include surgery, pain management, extensive physical therapy and functional rehabilitative therapy, psychiatric counseling, speech rehabilitation, and long-term hospital stays. Many victims never fully recover from catastrophic injuries and must live with their injuries for the rest of their lives.

Tayip Law Firm will demand and fight for compensation to cover all of your past medical bills, future medical costs, the cost of reconstructive surgery, the cost of devices (wheelchairs, prosthetics, breathing equipment), all lost wages, the loss of a victim’s earning capacity, and past and future pain and suffering and all damages allowed under the law.  

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