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When another person or business’ negligence causes injury, the injured victim has a personal injury claim against the liable person or business. Personal injuries can arise out of:

  • Boating Accidents: An injured victim is entitled to recover when the negligent operation of a boat by another person causes an injury to them. Boating accidents happen due to careless and reckless operation, excessive operation, collisions with other boats or fixed objects, failing to know and follow boating “rules of the road,” overloading/overcrowding the boat, and failing to carry safety equipment on board.

  • Elevator Accidents: These types of accidents occur due to poorly maintained elevators and escalators, door or belt malfunctions, abrupt stopping, or sudden falls. The resulting injuries are serious and require a skilled elevator/escalator attorney.

  • Aviation Accidents: Aviation accidents are unfortunately fatal and result in the death of multiple persons. Aviation accidents happen due to pilot error, faulty equipment, Federal Aviation Administration regulation violations, and other reasons. These are very complex cases involving multiple levels of law and require complex analysis and handling.

  • Slip, Trip, and Fall: When a property owner or operator fails to prevent or repair a dangerous condition (torn carpet, wet floor, poor lighting, changings in flooring) and that condition causes injury to a patron or visitor, the owner or operator is liable to the injured victim for his/her injuries.

  • Bus Accidents: Business accident victims generally suffer very serious injury. Buses usually weight at least 20 tons and there are no seatbelts on buses. Thus, when a bus crashes into another vehicle or a fix object, passengers are tossed around like toothpicks, causing severe and permanent injuries to victims or even death. 

  • Vicious Dog Bites: According to the United States Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 4.5 million dogs bites every year. More than 350,000 Americans seek emergency room treatment for those dog bites.  Dog bite victims can recover for injuries they sustain from dog bites when a pet owner has not properly restrained his vicious dog. 

  • Motorcycle/Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents: Motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents are another type of accident. They are usually incredibly devastating accidents.


In car accidents, the car absorbs the majority of the oncoming impact of the collision and acts a shield against the impact. In a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, the protection and shield of a car does not exist and the body confronts the oncoming force of the 3,000 pound vehicle or 6,000 pound SUV.

Consequently, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians sustain very serious and usually devastating injuries, loss of their employment, and suffer intense and prolonged pain and suffering.

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