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Traumatic brain injuries are among the most complex personal injury cases to handle. These types of claims can take years to bring to conclusion as the injuries are so traumatic and require so much medical care and recovery time.

During this period of time, Tayip Law Firm will be by the victim’s and his/her family side to handle the complex legal issues so that the victim and his/her family can focus all their energy and efforts on recovering.

A traumatic brain injury or concussion can result in short-term or long-term issues. Short-term issues usually result immediately and include headaches, dizziness, mood changes, and memory loss. Long-term and more severe problems include learning and developmental issues, short-term and long-term memory loss, nerve damage, seizures, psychological and emotional problems, depression, loss of bodily functions, coordination issues, and weakened organ function.


Traumatic brain injuries generally result in victim’s having to stay the hospital for months and sometimes years until they recover. Most traumatic brain injury victim’s never fully recover from their injuries and must endure the effects of their injury for the rest of their life. They must deal with the permanent injuries and scars created by the traumatic brain injury. They must deal with the functional and mental limitations created by the traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, traumatic brain injury victims fall into a coma and die, often times after having spent years in a hospital to receive treatment.

At Tayip Law Firm, we are always deeply saddened by what traumatic injury victims have to endure. But we are as deeply committed to ensuring traumatic injury victims recover what they have lost.

Our Nashville traumatic brain injury attorneys will assemble a team of experts to help fully understand and capture the nature and extent of your injuries and your life-long medical and financial needs. Our team includes neurologists, psychiatrists, therapists, other medical professionals, vocational experts, and economists.

Once our Nashville traumatic brain injury firm captures what your needs are, we will submit a demand to the insurance company. If the insurance company offers compensation that adequately and fairly captures everything you need, then we will recommend settlement. If the insurance company does not want to be fair or reasonable, then we will file suit and litigate your case until resolution.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions can result in the following:

  • Cerebral contusions: This is where an impact/blow to the head causes the brain to bleed or be bruised.

  • Coup concussion: This is a concussion that occurs at the site of the brain that was impacted by a blow or an object. This concussion is considered a focal brain injury because the brain injury is localized to a particular part. 

  • Contrecoup concussion: This is a concussion that occurs on the opposite side of the brain to the site that was impacted from a coup concussion because the impact caused the brain to move. This concussion is also considered a focal brain injury.

  • Diffuse axonal injury:  As opposed to a focal brain injury, a diffuse axonal injury results in injury over a widespread area of the brain. These occur when a victim’s head is thrust around numerous times. This is the most common and devastating type of traumatic brain injury. Diffuse axonal injury usually leads to permanent loss of function, coma or even death.

  • All of the above are considered closed head injuries.

  • Penetration brain injury: This is also referred to as an open head injury. This is an injury where some object has penetrated the skull and caused damage to the brain. Examples include high velocity projectiles or a knife or bone fragments that are driven into the brain from an impact such as a car accident.  

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